• 1,230 buses in fleet
  • 100 new buses a year to replace older ones


Our fleet of 70 rail cars run on three lines totaling 15 miles of rail.

  • Red Line (North). Runs from Northline Transit Center/HCC to Fannin South Station.
  • Green Line (East End). Runs from Theater District Station to Altic/Howard Hughes Station.
  • Purple Line (Southeast). Runs from Theater District Station to Palm Center Transit Station.


This paratransit service is offered in according with the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act. METROLift provides curb-to-curb transportation for persons with disabilities who can’t ride from a regular fixed-route bus.

HOV/HOT Lanes (Express Lanes)

METRO operates a system of High Occupancy Vehicle/High Occupancy Toll (HOV/HOT) lanes, referred to as Express Lanes on the Southwest, Gulf, North, Eastex and Northwest freeways. Free to vanpools, buses, carpools and motorcycles. Single-occupant vehicles pay a toll during certain hours.

Park & Ride Lots

Park & Ride lots offer direct, nonstop service to downtown, the Texas Medical Center and other major employment centers.

Transit Centers

These sheltered waiting areas are located where bus routes and/or METRORail converge. They act as “hubs” to allow riders from various locations to assemble at a central point to take express trips or to transfer to other routes.